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Danube River is a tool, which generates you GDS2 files which you then can manufacture with your prototype process flow in order to validate parameters and adjust your recipes until the values are within a desired range.

So far, the only opportunity we had to try the new test layout generator, was with Global Foundries on their 180nm node, of which the result can be seen in the picture below:

A successful tapeout with GF180
A successful tapeout with GF180

GDS2 view

The upper left section in the above image corresponds with the layout extracted from KLayout, when opening up the layout used for the tape-out

KLayout view of the Danube GF180 layout


The Danube test wafer has the purpose of allowing to characterize basic analog properties resulting from the manufacturing process flow.

Each of those properties measured can be linked to a specific recipe in the process flow, which allows to fine tune a process and all its process recipes through repeatedly manufacturing and measuring the Danube river layout.

The Danube river contains 3 types of devices, which allows you to determine edge parameters:

  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Transistors



Below some of the capacitors on the test wafer can be seen in more detail.

Closeup of capacitors in KLayout


Measuring method

TODO: Elaborate Kelvin structures