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Our roadmap

As of 2021, our tentative roadmap is the following:

  • Establishment of LibreSilicon Foundation in Europe
  • Finish LS1U technology node (incl. SPICE parameter extraction)
  • Development of ESD protection and pad cell library for LS1U
  • Development of a maskless lithography stepper, initially at least for 50um MFS, later for LS1U
  • Tech Demo: LS555 (design, MLL fabrication, testing)
  • Digital cell library for 1u MFS + digital tools (may be parallel to LS1U/LS555)
  • Tech demo II: 8-bit Arduino-compatible MCU
  • later ...
  • Libresilicon Fabrication Service opens in EU
  • later ...
  • Development of LS130 technology node (incl. MLL capablity)
  • Tech demo III: 130nm System-on-Chip
  • ...
  • Development of sub-100nm technology node (incl. MLL capablity)
  • Tech demo IV: SOC made on LibreSilicon runs GNU/Linux